Truth News

News is meant to be an objective retelling or reflection of interesting and important events by inquisitive people with a passion for discovering the truth about things and clearly communicating it to others.

The large corporate media networks instruct their “journalists” to report news in a manner favorable to their corporate and economic interests, such that the likes of CNN, the BBC, etc, cannot consistently provide the public with truthful information.

But certain people who do not carry large corporate agendas and who simply want to know and share the truth are now becoming more popular than the old CNN’s of the world. People are tired of being lied to by the cable news networks and want to know and live by the truth.

Thus the emergence of Truth Journalism, spearheaded by the likes of Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, and others.

The people and organizations listed under this header of Truth News make bold efforts to deliver to you the people the truth about people and events that matter to your life and your future. Please study them and what they say, and question, compare, and decide for yourself the veracity of their words, and if convinced become a part of the now swirling worldwide movement of truth news by sharing it with others.