Fake News

Fake News is the buzz right now with Donald Trump directly calling CNN Fake News, and not without reason.

CNN consistently predicted Hillary Clinton way ahead of Donald Trump in the polls running up to the US 2016 Presidential Election, whereas this was totally inaccurate and untrue. It’s as if CNN and compatriots thought that by sheer will they could tell the people how much more popular Hillary was than Donald that the people would be duped into voting for Hillary on the basis of “Well, she’s winning anyway!”

Well, thanks to Wikileaks, we now know that Hillary and Co. think their young constituents are “f**king dumb“, blacks voters are “stupid”, and that “stupid white people” support Trump. The Truth News networks reported this to the people, but the Main Stream Media (MSM), like CNN, now fast becoming the Defunct Stream Media (DSM) did not, but stated that only they were entitled to read Wikileaks and tell the people what is in it. Seriously.

So Fake News is that misleading story your TV screen is invariably telling you about what’s going on in the world – but it is for the most part deception, half truths, and lies. You need to turn that stuff off, and start listening to the truth. For your sake and that of your children and your other loved ones, and the rest of the world.

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Truth and deception are fluid entities, and Fake News Outlets (FNOs) are not necessarily totally fake, but their willingness to skew the truth for ulterior motives indicate that they do not have the public’s interests at heart. Some FNOs have some reporters who report factually, but this only dilutes their overall fakeness and does not inspire confidence in the minds of the people.

Fake News should be followed, analyzed, and constantly exposed so that everyone can learn to assess news for the truth.