There was always a time when every country was really great. That’s what made it a country.

Is your country great? Has it fallen from grace? Restore it. Make your country great again!

Can you franchise a government? Why not? You can franchise basically anything. A franchise is s structure or model and a set of principles for operating within that structure for the attainment of certain goals. That too, is what a a government is.

Over the past decade, there has been a shift in the thinking of some strategists concerning the operationalization of principles within politics. The same-old humdrum ineffectiveness and corruption-spawning of bureaucratic so-called management of state departments, state enterprises, and municipalities has clearly shown that something is wrong and that proper structural and procedural change needs to be brought about. Thus the thinking shift to “running a country like a business”.

Many object to this concept, probably because they have never run a business of their own and cannot imagine how similar principles of frugality, customer priority, cash management, etc, could actually lead to a better run country with benefits for all citizens. Economists, who also for the most part have not practically managed businesses or organizations themselves will throw the baby out with the bathwater, stating that you cannot run a public good like street lighting as a business, so governments must tax and run that itself. Wanna bet? Virtually anything can be run, not necessarily by private corporations by by units within government that are structured and operated along strict lines of performance and effectiveness like good little small businesses all interacting with each other within a market structure which by analogy is the greater governmental structures such as sections, departments, etc.

But don’t let government tell you it is overhauling its operational structure to be more businesslike, only to hoodwink you the people into accepting a lie which solidifies its already insidious corruptive grasp on everything it does.

No. We need real change. From within and without. New blood. Fresh commitment. Removal of the bad. Replacement with the good. Drain the swamp, then drain the sewer. Clean up. And make your country great again!

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